Our Company

Ledzworld Technology is a Dutch company with a fully owned subsidiary in Malaysia. The company operates under Dutch law and is compliant with the most stringent Dutch and European regulations. The company’s headquarter is based in Penang, Malaysia, also known as the knowledge centre of LED technology in Asia. Ledzworld has a Dutch management team and an experienced R&D team that consists of professionals with years of experience and know-how in the design and development of LED, as well as specific knowledge in the field of light source development.

Since its incorporation in 2008, Ledzworld has focused on technological innovations in LED with the objective to offer an improved alternative for the current LED solutions on the market. This resulted in a new generation industry-changing LED lights that distinguish themselves by a number of unique features. Ledzworld delivers excellence at every stage and its products are fully developed in-house. This ensures that it stays ahead of the cutting-edge of technology and stays ahead in introducing the most advanced products to the market.

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