Ledzworld Technology introduces a new line of professional LED retrofit solutions which are the result of a number of cutting-edge innovations in LED technology. The new lamp series has been developed in both the Netherlands and Malaysia and exists of professional halogen and bulb replacements and down lighters. What distinguishes these lamps from other LED lamps is a combination of the energy-efficiency and longer lifetime of LED, with the warm colors, light output and dimming capabilities of traditional lighting technologies. This specific combination of features makes the Ledzworld lamps the first true replacement for traditional bulbs and halogen lamps.

The new lamps fit on all standard types of fittings and produce warm, white colors and a light output and color rendering which is comparable to traditional lighting technologies. Furthermore, they distinguish themselves with a modern and unique design which makes them a perfect addition to many types of interiors. Ledzworld products are the perfect balance of design and quality, looks and functionality. We have set clear quality guidelines in sourcing and design, which enables us to confidently say that the resulting products can meet our internal as well as external (KEMA, CE, TüV, etc)  quality standards. Our lamps are based on worldclass components and patented innovations.

    • Delivering strong performance with A-brand light source
  • Customized contracts with Cree and Osram
  • Colour mixing for the perfect result
  • In-house subbinning facilities
      Equipping our products with warm basic colour and Colour Temperature Adjusted Dimming (CTA Dimming)
  • Highest standards for durability and quality
  • Automatic temperature control to guarantee lifetime
  • Patented heatsink design
  • 3 years warranty
      Ensuring highest standards for durability and quality
  • Patented driver design
  • Stepless dimming on all available dimmers (leading edge, trailing edge, triac, etc.)
  • Automatic colour temperature control
  • Power factor of 0.92

Read more about the innovations in our products here.