Ledzworld takes pride in being at the forefront of the technical innovations that make LED retrofit lamps and spotlights a serious alternative to replace incandescent & compact fluorescent bulbs and halogen spotlights.

Ledzworld engineers possess critical skills in the field of obtaining the right colours as well as the skills to design and develop sophisticated electronics that provide the special features to Ledzworld’s products.

Ledzworld acknowledged the world’s need for LED lamps that simulate the existing lamps in all its major aspects, such as:


  • sufficient light-output
  • a high CRI and a truly warm white light-colour
  • compatibility with all existing dimmer-types
  • And when de LED lamps are dimmed, the light colour needs to become warmer (cozy)


The compatibility of Ledzworld’s LED lamps with all dimmer-types is very innovative as many LED bulbs are not detected by many standard dimming types. The electronics inside its lamps is ingenious and state-of-the-art. It ensures that dimmers will always be able to detect Ledzworld’s lamps and that the lamps can be dimmed smoothly (step-less) and without flickering.

One of the major breakthroughs is that Ledzworld developed sophisticated electronics that make its LED lamps emit light that becomes warmer along with the dimming process. Ledzworld developed and patented a dimming feature Colour Temperature Adjusted (CTA) dimming which regulates the lamp not only to adjust the light output strength while being dimmed, but also gradually transform from a bright soft tone color temperature at the highest level, to a warm flame color at the lowest dimming level. This technology is unique as it exactly simulates the colour-tones of incandescent light bulbs when these are being dimmed.

The specific driver of the lamps enables an extremely high power-factor which lies, depending on the specific model, between 0.85 and 0.93, higher than any other lamp on the market today. Due to this high power-factor, the lamps hardly cause any reactive power (VAR), a problem that still many LED applications struggle with. Furthermore the lamps consume 80-90% less energy than traditional lamps and even 50% less than average electricity saving lamps (compact fluorescent also known as CFL).

Ledzworld´s sophisticated built-in Temperature Control System (TCS) protects the critical electronic components in the lamp from overheating. The temperature of the electronic components inside Ledzworld’s lamps is continuously being monitored by sensors. When the electronic components become too warm, the lamps start dimming automatically but just so slightly that the user won’t even notice. This enables the electronics to cool down and it prevents the critical components from overheating. The lamps will return to its original light-strength automatically when the temperature inside the lamps has been reduced to the required level. This ensures that the lamps last at least 35.000 hours in operation. This longer lifespan does not only bring large cost-savings for end-users, but also results in significant CO-2 savings.

Ledzworld’s newest innovation is in Colour & Output Adjustment – Trimming (COAT), a new manufacturing process ensuring uniform colour and light-output of its LED lamps for its professional ranges. Understanding that all lamps need to be alike, colour-wise and also in terms of light-output, even after dimming, Ledzworld is using narrow bin-selctions. And in order to become more consistent, Ledzworld does in-house sub-binning.

In order to serve its customers best, Ledzworld has decided to trim each LED driver before assembling the lamps. Trimming implies that every individual LED chip will be connected to its driver. Output and colour temperature are set individually for each lamp. The exact output of the individual LED chip is being electronically adjusted by altering the power-supply to each LED chip so that the output becomes identical and uniform despite the different characteristics of the LED.

In doing so, Ledzworld is leading the industry and setting new standards for its competitors. Although this trimming process is costly and time-consuming, Ledzworld believes that its end-users deserve the best and the most consistent quality and uniformity. Hence, ultimately this investment will pay off in customer satisfaction.

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